Transloading Service Solutions

Our Facility Offers

Traxxside’s unique facility caters to a diverse range of customer requirements. Our flexible approach ensures that we can provide extensive services tailored to your transloading requirements.

Bulk railcar & truck transloading

Flexible systems to handle direct transloading of inbound and outbound bulk grain and industrial products between bulk trucks and rail cars. Beneficially, our vital logistics process reduces handling costs, shortens delivery times, and facilitates the easy distribution of your products.

Bulk Storage

17 bulk receiving systems serve 125 bulk storage bins, silos, and flat storage bays ranging from 7 to over 800 metric tonnes capacity. Ultimately, we can handle your complete bulk storage needs for packaged or raw products.


140,000 square feet feed and food-grade warehouse space for storage & distribution. By leveraging stringent safety protocols, sophisticated inventory management systems, and a comprehensive distribution network, our company ensures the secure handling, transloading, storage, and efficient distribution of your products to their intended destinations.

Packaging, rolling & screening services

Largely, bulk packaging into 25 kg bags and 1000 kg totes. As well as, de-packaging totes for repacking or bulk storage and ship-out.

Rail Infrastructure and Service

Our transloading rail service is located on the Guelph Junction Railway (GJR) infrastructure which is jointly served daily by both CN and CPKC railways.

  • We accept industry standard 286,000 lbs rail cars. Our terminal has 8 tracks with operating capacity of over 40 rail cars.
  • Our CROR trained employees can safely switch cars as needed throughout our facility.

In addition to our rail car handling capacity, GJR can provide additional car storage options to required to meet customer needs.

Trucking and Transportation

  • Experienced, safe professional drivers.
  • Company-owned equipment.
  • 7 tractors- equipped with electronic logs, state-of-the-art geo-positioning and fleet safety cameras.
  • 22 trailers including multi-axle end dumps, hopper bottoms, compartmented feed trailers and dry vans.
  • Lastly, in addition to our own fleet, we maintain relationships with the best bulk carriers of transloading in US and Canada.

Our Certifications

FeedAssure HACCP

Prohibited Materials Free

CFIA Inspected

Pro-Cert Canada – Organic Standards

Why We’re the best

Proven logistics

Traxxside excels in efficiency and safety, ensuring seamless, secure transitions between transport modes. Notably, this results in cost-effective logistics, optimized supply chains, and enhanced product integrity, setting us apart in the agricural trading industry.