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Our company was founded in 1999 by Robert Havekes, an experienced agricultural trading and service Industry leader. With over two decades of experience, we combine industry knowledge and expertise in handling various products from rail cars, trucks, trailers, and containers. Traxxside is a trusted HACCP and Organic certified partner.

We provide value in agricultural trading by collaborating closely with our customers. Specifically, sharing strategic insights and best practices that lead to well-managed and top-performing bulk supply chains. Whether achieving growth, improving efficiency, reducing costs, or delivering exceptional quality and service, we build business relationships that benefit all parties involved.

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Animal feed for the agriculture industry in one of Traxxside warehouse bays.

Animal Feed & Pet Food

Our primary focus is providing efficient and secure transloading services for dry bulk feed and pet grade food products, guaranteeing their seamless transition across different transport modes. Moreover, our goal is to ensure transportation costs are controlled and production is never interrupted. Further, we work hard to coordinate with truck and rail carriers, manage our storage capacity and monitor our customers production schedules and demand. With our sanitary bulk storage and warehousing facilities, we maintain our customer’s product quality and food security using GMP’s controlled by our HACCP program. We are HACCP certified.

Traxxside grain storage and packaging for the brewing industry

Brewing & Distilling

Traxxside supports the continuous operation of the largest breweries and distilleries in Ontario and Quebec, as well as dozens of craft breweries and serves others in MI, NY, OH, PA and VT. With dedicated dry bulk receiving and segregated storage systems for brewers’ products such as malt barley, corn, rye and wheat. In addition, we handle multiple varieties of malt from several producers in North America. Our storage bins and silos range in capacity from 100 tonnes to 750 tonnes. Ultimately, we can tailor a supply chain solution that can accommodate inbound tonnage without delay, maintain lot control and protect steady customer demand.

Railcars for food production

Food Production

Traxxside supports the continuous production of several food production facilities in the region with dry bulk ingredients such as corn and wheat arriving by truck and rail. Furthermore, our dedicated receiving and storage systems, as well as enhanced house keeping ensure food quality and safety is maintained.

Transporting agricultural good via railcare.

Agriculture & Industrial Products

Traxxside offers separate facilities for agricultural trading to handle various dry bulk industrial products such as fertilizer, potash, salt, minerals, aggregates, sand, and recycled glass. Furthermore, our industrial product transloading is managed on a direct out basis with rail cars being unloaded directly onto trucks or trucks unloading directly to rail cars. Most importantly, our customer’s product quality is maintained by ensuring systems are continuously inspected and thoroughly cleaned.

Traxxdside bulk storage building showing multiple grain storage containers and loading dock.


With our transloading services, we ensure seamless cargo transitions that streamline logistics for diverse industries. Ultimately, the combination of safe and efficient bulk storage, along with secure warehousing, guarantees the preservation of product quality. Further, this all-inclusive solution effectively optimizes supply chains, leading to cost reductions and improved delivery times across various sectors.

Our Certifications

FeedAssure HACCP

Prohibited Materials Free

CFIA Inspected

Pro-Cert Canada – Organic Standards

We live by our

Core Values

Our Core Values form the foundation of all our actions and decisions. At Traxxside, each individual plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional service, with no part being deemed more or less significant. Fundamentally, our success in agricultural trading is a result of our collective teamwork, and that’s why we hold ourselves responsible for upholding our Values. Above all, these guiding principles permeate every aspect of our business, guiding us towards continued excellence.

Why We’re the best

Proven logistics

Traxxside excels in efficiency and safety, ensuring seamless, secure transitions between transport modes. Notably, this results in cost-effective logistics, optimized supply chains, and enhanced product integrity, setting us apart in the agricural trading industry.